Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love pets. I have different kinds of fish at my fishponds but dogs are the best. My first puppy I brought home was named “Betchay”. That was last November 6, 2009. Last March 14, 2010, I got my second puppy named “Pandac”. They are both female.

Betchay has yellowish brown with white in color. She is a lovely and intelligent dog. She barks very loud when she doesn’t recognize a visitor. On the other hand, Pandac has black and white in color. She is a very sweet dog even on people she doesn’t know. From her name, she comes from a small in height breed.

Next month, I’m planning to buy rabbits. This is my first time to have rabbits. I have search on internet some pet shops especially here in Bohol to make it easy for me to find this pet. Until I found this site which really helped me finds pet shops in Bohol.

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  1. send my regards to betchay hehehe and tell pandac to sleep early so she'd grow bigger...hehehe *joke*